The Tent Shop 153 Academy Road Monmouth, Maine

We Design and Manufacture Our Own Tents Right on Premise and Pass the Savings on to Our Customers

Affordable, Clean, Beautiful, Wedding Tents for Rent. We Serve the  Lewiston and Augusta, Maine Area

30 x 50 Wedding Tent

30 x 50 Wedding Tent Rental Monmouth, Maine

40 x 80 Wedding Tent

40x80 Wedding tent rental Augusta and Lewiston, Maine

 These are 2 examples of the many sizes we offer. Please note that all of our wedding tents are less than 3 years old.

Kind Words From A Client

I wanted to thank you for your great customer service and the rental experience we had with you. The tent was beautiful, clean and we got a lot of compliments to that effect from our guest. I will highly recommend you to others in the future. Have a great summer.

 Amber P.

Tent Rental Is Our Business, Not Just Part of Our Business!

What sets us apart from other tent rental companies is that our Wedding tents are 3 years old or less in age. Once they exceed 3 years, they are replaced with a new tent that we manufacture ourselves. We set up the tent days in advance to give our client the opportunity to decorate for the occasion. Included in the rental is one long side panel. We offer two different styles of tents, Pole and Frame. Pole tents will have poles in the middle of the tent and are usually necessary for the larger tent rentals. Frame tents offer open space throughout the tent with no poles inside. Below is a chart that will give you an idea of how much tent you will need based on the number of people attending your event. There is also a difference in occupancy based on type of meal being served.

Points to Consider when Renting a Wedding Tent 

  • What is the age of the Tent you are renting?
  • When will they be setting up and then taking down your tent?
  • How long have they been in business? 
  • Is it their tent or are they subcontracting it from a tent company?

Need tables and chairs or a dance floor? We rent those as well!  

Please Note: If you are going to have a dance floor, you will want to go to the next size up. 

 Size  Buffet  Sit Down Pole Tent  Frame Tent
 10 X 10        
20 X 20 50 40  X X
20 X 30  75 60  X X
20 X 40  100 80  X X
30 X 30 125 100  X X
30 X 45 180 140 X  
30 X 50 185 150  X X
30 X 70  225  185   X   
30 X 90 325 275  X  
40 X 40 200  160 X  
40 X 60  300 240  X   
40 X 80  400  320 X  
40 X 100  500  400   X